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Lagoon 42

S/Y Artemis
Artemis is our brand new Catamaran Lagoon 42 just added to our fleet. The Lagoon 42 was built for easy sailing with an ideal level of performance that our customers can rely on. The new build of the 42 includes a larger fore triangle making for a greater choice of downwind sails, for easy manoeuvring the boom was shortened, a re-centered weight of the catamaran has greatly reduced pitching, and a broader head of the mainsail takes advantage of less turbulent wind.
Length : 12.80m
Cabins : 6
Berths : 12
Apollon - Lagoon 400s2 Catamaran

Lagoon 400 S2

S/Y Apollon
The Lagoon 400 S2 is all about balance. On this yacht, everything has been designed to create a sense of harmony in navigation as well as in mooring. On board this powerful and reliable catamaran, you will be able to safely sail whilst enjoying its comfortable design and relaxing.
Length : 11.97m
Cabins : 6
Berths : 12